Jiliang Tang

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Jiliang Tang is an assistant professor in the computer science and engineering department at Michigan State University. Before that, he was a Research Scientist from Yahoo Labs, and worked as a research assistant at the Data Mining and Machine Learning Lab (DMML) of the Computer Science and Engineering at Arizona State University under the supervison of Dr. Huan Liu. He

Email: tangjili at msu dot edu OR Jiliang.Tang at asu dot edu

Office: Engineering Building 2507C

Mail: 428 S Shaw Ln Rm 3115, East Lansing, MI 48824

Recent Updates (08/22/2016): Publications , Services

We release a open-source feature selection repository: Project Webpage , Technical Report


Research Interests

  • Web-scale Data Mining
  • Trust/distrust Computing in Social Media
  • Large-scale Signed Network Analysis
  • Feature Selection with Social Media Data
  • Contextural Recommender Systems
  • Privacy and Security in Social Media