Jiliang Tang

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Jiliang Tang is an assistant professor in the computer science and engineering department at Michigan State University. Before that, he was a Research Scientist from Yahoo Labs, and worked as a research assistant at the Data Mining and Machine Learning Lab (DMML) of the Computer Science and Engineering at Arizona State University under the supervison of Dr. Huan Liu. He obtained his Ph.D. from Arizona State University in 2015, MS and BE degree from Beijing Institute of Technology in 2008 and 2010, respectively.

Email: Jiliang.Tang at asu dot edu

Recent Updates (08/22/2016): Publications , Services

We release a open-source feature selection repository: Project Webpage , Technical Report


Research Interests

  • Web-scale Data Mining
  • Trust/distrust Computing in Social Media
  • Large-scale Signed Network Analysis
  • Feature Selection with Social Media Data
  • Contextural Recommender Systems
  • Privacy and Security in Social Media